Have you ever felt unmotivated? Do you ever dread doing something? Do you keep putting off things you think you should? Well, it's time you follow your bliss! The phrase "follow your bliss" resonates very deep within me. There was a point in time where I a living, breathing loubutin person, but deep down, I was spiritually dead. I lost my spark, I did not know what I wanted to do with my future, and I buried all my dreams in the past and never looked back. Looking back, those were very gloomy days, but still I would not have had it any different way. My entire experience has made me a stronger person, and has shaped me into the person I am today. But if there was something I could have told myself, it would have been "follow your bliss, your dreams, your intuition". I truly believe that wholesale shoes when we are following our purpose in life, everything comes naturally and easily to us. When we try to force and build our own path different from what the Universe has intended for us, we struggle, feel resistance and sooner or later, we may find ourselves back on our intended path. All I can say is, the Universe has great, amazing plans for you. All you need to do is trust, have faith, and follow your bliss. When you follow your bliss, when you are living your purpose, everything feels peaceful, calm and every moment is beautiful! Today, I'm happy to report that I have finally found my spark back, and I am enjoying every moment in this journey of life! So ĘC how do you know what your bliss is? Mastin sums it up beautifully in the quote below: christian louboutin for cheap If you knew that you were already dead, If you knew red bottom shoes you dillards shoes had nothing to lose, If you knew that anything was possible, replica christian louboutin shoes size 11 What would you do? -Mastin Kipp @ The Daily Love Take action now: christian louboutin sale shoes 1. Take a piece of paper and answer the quote above. (You may come up with a few answers!) 2. Under each answer, write a step YOU can take to position yourself closer to your bliss. 3. Schedule a date and time for each action from Step 2. Write it in your diary/your planner/your wall. And then DO IT! Show your commitment, show up, and whatever you want you shall have. Bonus: Remember, when you are following your bliss ĘC you feel inspired, you feel at ease, you feel flow. There is no need for force, there is no need to create motivation ĘC because there is unlimited inspiration. In the comments below: Tell me ĘC christian louboutin white shoes are you following your bliss? Do you feel a certain way when you ARE following your bliss? I'd love to know! :)
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