All of the real estate clients you attract share some common traits and characteristics. Upon closer inspection, you can also find that you can break the commonalities down even further into sub-categories they share. Assuming you work primarily with single women, for example, you can see two subsets of single women emerge°™mothers buy homes in one area while women without children buy in a separate area town.
You can segment and sub-segment your clients as you see fit rolex duplicate watches for your business, but the four primary client segments are:
?Lifestyle ?Demographics ?Location ?Behavior
Once you slide your clients into the categories where they fall, it is much easier to create marketing messages for each group.
A final major client replica rolex danaos segment is the lifestyles category, which speaks to the values and attitudes of the clients. Religion, extracurricular activities and household makeup can all be a part of a lifestyle, attitude or values category. If you work primarily with families, your marketing message is going to be different than if you are targeting senior couples that do not have children in the home any more. The housing needs for these two groups tend to be completely different from one another.
Demographic information about your clients includes information such as their age, ethnicity, race, household income, gender, education level or profession. If you are a real estate agent that specializes in luxury homebuyers, then your clients fall into a demographic segment. Within the household income segment, you can still identify sub-segments. These sub-segments may be drilled down to other demographic categories such as luxury homebuyers that are single or couples versus those that have children, or can even be separated by gender.
Another client segment to consider is location. In real estate, this is your primary client segment because you generally work within a region or area of the state where you are licensed. You can even drill your location segments down into specific neighborhoods. Regional differences can occur with the types of homes clients buy, so it can change the marketing approach and messaging you use.
Clients can also be defined by their buying habits or behaviors. You may separate your clients by how active they are in rolex replica boxes seeking a home. You can define a frequent shopper as one that looks at homes almost as soon as you send one that fits their needs. A mid-range client can be someone who looks at homes occasionally, but not on a consistent basis. An infrequent shopper only looked at one or so homes or only bought a home from you and then never worked with you again.
Segmenting your clients allows you to use marketing messages that keep the frequent shoppers engaged with messages meant for them, while trying to reengage those buyers who are not as tightly connected with you. Client segmentation is so important when it comes to your marketing messages because each group requires you to take a completely different approach, but with the same goal in mind, which is to get them to act.
So, review your client list to see what they share in common. Take it a step further and break the categories of clients you have down into sub-categories. Client segmentation allows you to craft marketing messages that are meaningful to your target market. In the end, client segmentation makes the difference as to whether or not your marketing message moves them into action.
Kristie Lorette McCauley is a marketing copy and content expert who works with Realtors and real estate agents who struggle rolex for sale to market their business effectively to attract the right clients on a consistent basis. Kristie's clients receive proven, effective and extremely imitation rolex sale specific step-by-step information on exactly what they need to do to attract clients with their marketing. As a result, those who work with Kristie attract more clients and make more money than that would have on their own.
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